Brodnax Athletic Complex Information

Dear Friends and Family of Bishop Gorman,

The announcement of the Building on the Crusader Tradition capital campaign is a significant moment in our school’s history for two reasons.

The first reason is that it will provide a new multi-purpose building that can be used, as our mission promises, to help shape the total person. We are excited that this building will be used by all of our students to learn values, character, and self-discipline.

The second reason this campaign is significant is that it allows us to show our gratitude for the gifts we have all been given. Recently, a Bishop Gorman student received an award for his athletic achievements. In receiving his award the young man was quick to share that no award is ever won alone, that it always takes a team. In his case, he thanked parents, coaches, blockers, receivers and other teammates. He shared that he would never have won the award without them.

Has it been the same for us? Have we been blessed by friends and family? Are we in a better place today due to sacrifices made by others, some of whom we never knew?

I pray that each member of our family considers a significant gift to the Building on the Crusader Tradition campaign as a way to thank those who came before, and as a way to bless a future we will not know.

God bless,
Robin Perry, Principal



Points of Pride

Academic Record

Bishop Gorman continues to meet a high standard for academics:

  • The curriculum offers eleven Advanced Placement classes to further challenge and prepare students for college.
  • More than 58% of the most recent graduating class scored a 3 or higher on at least one AP exam.
  • Gorman’s AP rating of 58.9% is more than three times the national average.
  • The class of 2015, with 66 members, garnered more than $7.3 million in collegiate scholarships.
  • In 2015, twenty-eight students in the class of 2021 were named Duke Scholars, having performed in the top 5% or higher nationally on standardized testing.
  • Also in 2015, two seniors were named National Merit Finalists, placing in the top 1% of the nation academically and two others were named National Merit Commended Scholars, having performed in the top 5% academically.
  • 100% of Bishop Gorman graduates in the Class of 2015 either enrolled in post-secondary academic institutions or enlisted in the military. Recent Gorman graduates are currently studying at Yale, New York  University, Duke University, Boston Conservatory, Sarah Lawrence College, Cornell, Dartmouth, The University of Notre Dame, University of Texas at Austin, Texas A & M University, Trinity University, Baylor University, West Point Military Academy Case-Western Reserve, Florida Tech, Purdue, Creighton University, Austin College, SMU, TCU, University of Michigan, Rice University, Gonzaga University, Millsaps, University of Alabama, St. Louis University, Franciscan University, St Edward’s University and many others.


Financial Strength

In the past decade, Bishop Gorman has greatly improved its financial position due to three key factors:

  • Average tenure of faculty, staff and administrators has increased dramatically to 10.8 years.
  • Student enrollment has climbed from historic lows in the 1990’s to 391 students today.
  • The operating budget is balanced every year, while still keeping tuition lower than almost all other comparable institutions in the area.

The Plan - Phase One

“This project will reaffirm to the Gorman and Tyler communities the desire of our school to develop all facets of student life: spiritual, mental and physical. All of this will serve to complement the outstanding academic opportunities provided in our faith based Catholic institution.”
- Bill and Tami Hobbs, Campaign Cabinet Members

The Multi-Purpose Building (19,860 SF)


The new building will provide more room for all activities with a layout and design that is more efficient and accommodating to a variety of users. This upgraded facility will allow Gorman to host post-season competitions and playoff games at both the middle school and high school levels. Some of the highlights include:

  • A central lobby area will provide an easier and more welcoming entrance to the building. The building will be handicapped-accessible.
  • A multi-purpose room with a partition to accommodate drill, dance and cheer teams. It will also be used for viewing film and for other extra-curricular and club activities.
  • Alumni room overlooking the football field will provide a venue for hosting friends of the school. The room will also have a display area to feature the school’s athletic heritage.
  • More locker space, both at the high school and middle-school level. The new building will double the amount of available showers.
  • Legitimate training room with two training tables and easy access to ice and water.
  • Enhanced weight room more than double the current size, from 900 square feet to 2,400 square feet.
  • Field-level entrance allowing for the small vehicle transport of people and equipment to and from the field.
  • Double the number of laundry machines to allow school staff to wash uniforms without reliance on volunteers.
  • A practice mat area for our wrestling team.
  • Significant upgrades to technology.
  • Building maintenance endowment.

Long-Term Strategic Plan

“Within the Bishop Gorman community, an athlete’s spiritual growth attracts others to the goodness of God and all the mercy and graces He bestows.”
- Warren and Renée Tyer Goodwin (75), Campaign Cabinet Members

The Multi-Purpose Building is the first phase of a 10-year master plan that was created by school leadership. While not a part of the Building on the Crusader Tradition capital campaign, future projects are focused on the football field and grandstands.

The long-term vision for the school includes new all-weather field with new lighting. Future funds will also be raised to join our concessions, ticket sales, and restrooms into one building that would serve as a more welcoming entrance to the facility.

Why Should Businesses Invest?

“Catholic schools have, over the last century-and-a-half, relieved the state of enormous financial burdens while conferring on the political community immeasurable civic benefits. Indeed, America’s Catholic schools represent perhaps one of the most dramatic donations of time, talent, and treasure to the political community’s common good that the nation has ever seen.”
- Richard Garnett, professor of law at the University of Notre Dame

It’s good for our local communities!

  • $3,486,000 in taxes were saved by taxpayers in 2013-2014 because of Bishop Gorman Catholic School. This eases the tax burden on the whole
  • community, especially with local property taxes. That’s over $34,860,000 saved in one decade because of Bishop Gorman!*
  • Bishop Gorman helps raise education standards in the community. This healthy competition ultimately provides a better education for all of our children.
  • Bishop Gorman is a top employer in the Tyler area – a significant economic impact.
  • Bishop Gorman graduates are prominent business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs in and around Tyler.

It’s good for society! Studies have shown that:

  • Catholic schools tend to produce graduates who are engaged civically, tolerant of diverse views, and committed to service.
  • Graduates of Catholic high schools are likely to vote.
  • Graduates of Catholic high schools are likely to realize a high standard of living.

It’s good marketing!

Your gift to Bishop Gorman will be promoted in campaign and school-related publications, as well as the school web site, which will be seen by thousands of alumni, parents and friends of Bishop Gorman. These families will see that your business made a worthwhile investment into education and the Tyler community. These families, who have such a spirited devotion to our school, will remember that you supported Bishop Gorman!

It’s tax deductible!

Your gift to Bishop Gorman Catholic School – a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization – is tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Please consult your tax professional to learn of the benefits your gift can have for your business.

You decide how to give!

The success of the Building on the Crusader Tradition capital campaign has come from pledges over two or three years. But if it is a better fit for your business to make a one-time gift, that is an option. You can also consider making monthly payments on any pledge you make. Whichever way you decide to contribute to this important cause, we will be thankful for and humbled by your support!

It makes a difference!

Your tax-deductible gift, however large or small, will impact generations of students attending Bishop Gorman. By improving our facilities and maintaining our high standards, Bishop Gorman will continue to produce graduates who will make a difference. Your support is needed to make this happen!

Thank you for your consideration!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Bishop Gorman addressing the needs within the Building on the Crusader Tradition capital campaign now?

  • 2003 – Completion of new classroom space for the performing arts: band and choir
  • 2005 – Renovation of the stage and air-conditioning of the Haddad Gymnasium
  • 2007 – Renovation of the Holy Family Library
  • 2011 – Renovation of the Chemistry Lab
  • 2012 – Completion of Sts. Peter and Paul Chapel on the Gorman Campus

The Bishop Gorman family has made great sacrifices to meet these past challenges. It has always been the school’s plan to next address needs within the athletic department.

Isn’t the Multi-Purpose building just for football teams and to house the weight room?

No. The Multi-Purpose building will have space for film review, for a wide variety of sports and for conditioning. It will also include space for drill, dance and cheer teams. An Alumni Room will provide a place for alums to gather, watch a game, and host other events. The facility plans include locker rooms for baseball, boys/girls track, soccer, wrestling, and football teams.

What happens if we raise more than the $4,500,000 goal of the Building on the Crusader Tradition capital campaign?

The most urgent need for the school is to address the building of a Multi-Purpose facility. Should the campaign be so blessed as to raise more than $4.5 million the school would have the option of focusing on PHASE II needs which include new field turf, track, press box, stadium, concessions, tennis courts and field lighting among other needs.

Donors to Date


AgroPlus Operating, L.P.
Mr. & Mrs. Charles & Jennifer Ainsworth
Mr. & Mrs. Chris & Elizabeth Alexander
Ms. Joyce Almaraz
Mr. & Mrs. Roger & Valerie Anderson
Dr. & Mrs. John and Julie Aucar
Barclay & Moore Corporate Event Planning
Ms. Paula Bartley
Mr. & Mrs. Kirk & Tina Beason
Dr. Tilahun Belay and Mrs. Mekdes Arage
Mr. & Mrs. Brian & Lori Bell
Mrs. Ines Benedict
Bishop Gorman PTO
Mr. & Mrs. Bill & Judy Bliss
Mr. and Mrs. Carl & Karen Bochow Jr.
Hannah L. Bockhold
Mr. & Mrs. Rea & Sharon Boudreaux
Dr. Robert Boyne
Mr. & Mrs. Karl and Jan Branam
Mr. & Mrs. Bob & Lisa Breedlove
Mr. J. A. Brettell
Mr. & Mrs. Al and Cathy Brewerton
Mr. & Mrs. Robert and Vivian Britton
Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Amy Broaddus
Mr. & Mrs. Brett & Allison Brodnax
Ms. Maureen Brodnax
Mr. & Mrs. Hardy & Yvette Brunette -State Farm
Dr. & Mrs. Ray and Kimberly Brunson
Mr. & Mrs. Chris & Celia Bunt
Dr. & Mrs. James and Corissa Caccitolo
Mr. & Mrs. Art & Robbie Camacho
Dr. & Mrs. John & Kara Camp
Dr. Stephanie Hunter Carl
Bishop Edmond Carmody
Mr. & Mrs. Dale & Judy Carney
Ms. Veronica Casals
Dr. Hector Ceccoli & Mrs. Karla Kinderman-Ceccoli
Mr. & Mrs. Lou & Judy Chaump
Mr. & Mrs. Steve & Becky Chenevert
Christus Trinity Mother Frances
Mr. & Mrs. Frank and Jill Coan
Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Patsy Cogdill
Mr. & Mrs. Ed & Becky Colville
Mr. & Mrs. Bill & Kimberly Costanza
Mr. & Mrs. Tony & Honor Cruz
Anthony, Andrew, Anne Clare and Aidan Culpepper
Mr. & Mrs. George & Rose Cumby
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick and Cynthia Cunningham
Curtis family
Mr. & Mrs. Deron & Shannon Dacus
James and Karen Daley
Mr. & Mrs. Greg & Julie Danielson
Billy and Juliee Denman
Mrs. Mary Jane D'Eramo
Dr. Paul Detwiler & Dr. Alexandra Olsson-Detwiler
Drs. Drew & Mona Douglas
Dr. & Mrs. Bob & Kathryn Droder
Mrs. Molly Duncan
The Dunn family
Mr. & Mrs. John & Ronna Egan
Mr. & Mrs. Jim & Mary Estes
Mr. & Mrs. Bill & Nancy Faber
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry & Kaye Fackrell
R. W. Fair Foundation
Dr. & Mrs. Paul & Jeanne Fanning
Mr. & Mrs. Billy & Dana Fergerson
Mr. & Mrs. Hamlin & Elizabeth Fox
Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Carol Franks
Mr. Jim Franz
Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Diane Frossard
Mr. & Mrs. Howard & Cindi Galletly
Mr. Michael Geary
Ms. Joyce George
Mr. & Mrs. Coby & Christy Gipson
Mr. Jeffrey Glenn
Mr. & Mrs. Larry & Jana Glosson
Mr. & Mrs. Lonnie & Alyssa Glosson
Mr. & Mrs. John & Karen Goforth
Mr. & Mrs. Angel & Mariela Gonzalez
Mr. Warren Goodwin & Mrs. Renee Tyer-Goodwin
Dr. & Mrs. Tom & Rachel Gregory
Mr. James Grissaffi
Mr. & Mrs. Leonard & Jane Guevara
Mr. & Mrs. Martin & Rosy Guzman
Sam and Jayme Hammontree
Drs. Wendall & Donna Hand
Dr. & Mrs. Luis and Lilia Haro
Dr. & Mrs. Bruce & Melissa Harrell
Dr. & Mrs. James & Mary Harris
Mrs. Dolores Hawkins
Mr. Don Haynes
Hibbs Family Foundation
Dr. & Mrs. Bill & Tami Hobbs
Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Mary Hooper
Mr. & Mrs. Nathan & Michelle Ihrig
Dr. & Mrs. Danny & Kelly Jackman
Lynn and Lanna Jackson
Mr. & Mrs. Josh & Karen Jacobi
Mr. & Mrs. Dan and Diane Jager
Mr. and Mrs. John & Adele Johnson
Mrs. Kimberly Johnson
Mr. & Mrs. Chris & Nancy Jones
Msgr. Milam Joseph
Julietta Jarvis Foundation
Drs. George & Sylvia Kariampuzha
Mr. & Mrs. Rodney and Kristie Kaspar
Fr. Tim Kelly
Mrs. Rebecca Kemper
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew and Laura Kent
Mr. & Mrs. Chris & Anne Kent
Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Janie Kilgo
Ms. Barbara King
Mr. & Mrs. Scott & Lori Knight
Elaine S. Knight
Ms. Pamela Konon
Mr. & Mrs. Ken & Melisa Lackner
Mr. & Mrs. Matthew & Suzanne Laine
Mr. & Mrs. Bart & Crysti LaRocca
Dr. & Mrs. Jeff & Pam Leach
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry and Raquel LeBlanc
Mrs. Carolyn Kay Leeper
Mr. & Mrs. Bob & Suzanne Liles
Mr. Jeff Lobaugh
Ms. Martha Lobaugh
Dr. Sonya Loftis
Mr. & Mrs. Scott and Laura Ludwig
Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Lisa Lujan
Dr. & Mrs. Rod & Merle Mabry (& UT Tyler)
Mr. Michael Maher
Mr. & Mrs. Ben & April Mahfood
Mr. & Mrs. Manuel & Marina Mallari
Mr. & Mrs. Collin and Kathleen Maloney
Jeff & Brittany Martin
Mr. & Mrs. Andy & Diane Matzke
Mr. & Mrs. Ryan & Cristi May
Mr. & Mrs. Jim & Carol Mazzu
Jason and Kimberly McCullough
Mr. & Mrs. Randy and Gayle McDonald
Mr. & Mrs. Randall & Lisa McGehee
Raymond Charles & Jackie Beatrice McGinty
Mr. Richard McKellar and Dr. Heidi McKellar
Mr. & Mrs. Keith and Paula McKnight
Dr. Chad McNeil
John E. and Laura Jo McSheffery
Mr. & Mrs. Byron & Nita Meads
Drs. Anthony & Shanna Meads
Mr. & Mrs. Angel & Andria Medrano
Mr. & Mrs. Sam & Diane Mezayek
Mr. & Mrs. Pete & Sarah Ministrelli
Mr. Robert Monaghan
Ms. Linda Mooney
Mr. & Mrs. Ted and Holly Morawski
Joseph and Charlene Napier
Brandon Napier and Jamie Wood
Mr. & Mrs. Felipe & Misty Natera
Mr. Paolo Navarro
Mr. & Mrs. Andy & Linda Navarro
Mr. Jimmy Neal & Mrs. Jennifer Goates-Neal
Mr. & Mrs. David & Connie Newton
Niblack Charitable Fund at East Texas Communities Foundation
Dr. & Mrs. Scott & Molly Norwood
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph & Bella Obach
Mr. Kevin O'Halloran & Dr. Laura O'Halloran
Mr. & Mrs. Jacky & Shmeil Ouin
Mr. & Mrs. Matt & Jeanie Oxler
Dr. & Mrs. Oscar & Kristina Paniagua
Mrs. Peggy Parlett
Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Sara Patteson
Mr. Alan Patteson
Mr. & Mrs. John and Maria Petosa
Dr. Alex Petrakian
Mr. & Mrs. Matthew & Jennifer Pierce
Mr. & Mrs. Tommy & Jan Pilgrim
Dr. & Mrs. Ron and Pat Pinkenburg
Mr. & Mrs. Phil & Audrey Pongetti
Prieto family
Dr. & Mrs. Rex & Janice Pritchard
Larry and Jeanita Pruitt
Bart and Anna Pruitt
Mrs. Betty Quinlan
Mr. Alejandro Quintero and Mrs. Tanya Argentin
Mr. & Mrs. Rolan & Meg Ranido
Mr. & Mrs. Craig & Patricia Reininger
Dr. Robert Reuter
Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Dabney Richey
Ms. Marilyn Richey
Mr. & Mrs. Mark and Heather Roberts
Dr. & Mrs. Brad & Anne Robertson
Ms. Dardine Roedel
Rogers Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Donn & Barbara Rust
Mr. Ernie Sadau, President & CEO - Christus Trinity Mother Frances
Amel J. "Bubba" Sahadi
Mr. & Mrs. Marc & Brooke Salitore
Ms. Sheri L. Satterwhite
Mr. & Mrs. Rollie & Mary Schick
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen & Michelle Schmitt
Mr. & Mrs. Jay & Pam Schulz - Enviro-Care
Dr. & Mrs. Hans & Julie Schuricht
Dr. & Mrs. Jerry & Tricia Schwarzbach
Mr. & Mrs. Mark & Beth Scirto
Mr. Max Scott & Dr. Myrtha Basile
Todd and Tammy Seabourn
Mr. & Mrs. Michael and Kerri Seamands
Mr. & Mrs. Gary and Phyllis Seat
Anil K. and Mary E. Shah
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew & May Shamburger
Mr. & Mrs. Geoff and Rachel Sherman
Mr. & Mrs. Gregory and Emily Sherman
Dr. & Mrs. Ross and Cindy Sherman
Mr. & Mrs. A. E. & Virginia Shull
Jacob Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Dominique Smith - Renard Group
Dr. & Mrs. Jeffery & Monica Smith
Dr. & Mrs. Herd & Elizabeth Snider
Southside Bank
Mr. & Mrs. Joe and Kelly Spurgin
SS Blue Blazes Booster Club
Stafford family
Mr. & Mrs. Richard and Kathleen Stokes
Mr. & Mrs. Steve & Anne Stone
Mr. & Mrs. Brad & Suzi Streit
Mr. & Mrs. Don & Carolyn Swift
Cheryl Threlkeld
Dr. Claire Tibiletti
Estate of John A. Trainer
Ms. Michelle Trammell
Fran Traweek
The Clarence Tures family
Tyler Pipe
Mr. & Mrs. Mark & Lucy Ussery
Dr. & Mrs. Chet & Donna Vahovius
Mr. & Mrs. Gerard & Phyllis Vallejo
Vander  Vorste family 
Vasquez family
Mr. & Mrs. Neal & Stephanie Vasso
Ms. Michele Vaughn
Mr. & Mrs. Jules and Therese Vicknair
Mr. Brad Vogler & Dr. Caroline McRae-Vogler
Fr. Charles Vreeland
Mr. & Mrs. Todd & Misty Wages
Mr. & Mrs. Erik & Deanna Waters
Ms. Leslie Watson
Mr. Carl Watson
Mr. & Mrs. David & Lynda Weitzman
Dr. & Mrs. Stephen & Ursula Wells
Nan White
Mrs. Mary Whitehead
Mr. & Mrs. Craig & Tracey Williams
Mr. & Mrs. John & Karen Williams
Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Laura Wilson
Dr. & Mrs. Bob & Melanie Winans
Woodbridge Homeowners Association
Dr. & Mrs. Habte & Abby Yimer
Mr. & Mrs. David & Heather Zimmerman


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